![](file-guid:a3df859e-05c1-49ab-aef1-8bbb1c16cbc7 "Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-12 um 10.19.13.png") **What is “Digital Collective Memory”?** The term describes two things: \ 1\. It is the name of the online platform available at [www.memory-collective.org](https://www.memory-collective.org). \ 2\. It is, in a broader sense, the name of a community that emerges from the platform. This community is made up of all the people registered and active on the platform. **Who are the operators of this platform?** This platform is run by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future ([EVZ Foundation](https://www.stiftung-evz.de/eng/home.html)) in Berlin and the [iRights.Lab](https://irights-lab.de/en/), an independent think tank for digitalization and society, also in Berlin. However, while the iRights.Lab maintains the platform, is available for questions or support and occasionally provides information, this platform is intended to be run *by* the community *for* the community. In other words: Whether discussions happen or not, whether new spaces are created or not and whether people are getting in touch with each other **depends on each individual**. Follow the [five steps](https://www.memory-collective.org/content/perma?id=15) explained to help make sure the community thrives! The platform is supported by the EVZ Foundation. **What is it all about?** The goal of the platform is to bring together people who are involved with digital formats of memory culture. Together, we want to explore and discuss new ways of dealing with the history of National Socialism, the history of occupation, the history of the Second World War, persecution and genocide. Those who are working on digital formats themselves can present their project or seek specific assistance for it. All others are invited to participate in conversations or offer their own specific expertise. **Who is the target group for the platform?** Most importantly, the platform is designed as a meeting and share point for all people involved in creating digital tools for historical-civic education. This includes… * professionals as well as privately committed people working on digital formats * employees of cultural or educational instituts as well as people without affiliation to a specific organization * researchers and thinkers as well as practitioners and creators * the formal and nonformal educational sectors as well as the digital tech community * people from all parts of the world, with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe **What are the objectives of the Collective?** * to create a safe and central place where people can exchange ideas and information about digital tools for historical-civic education * to promote the use of digital formats in historical and cultural educational settings * to create a network where people can help each other in their projects and plans * ultimately: to create new insights, ideas or points for discussion - and to “go public” with them, that is, to take results and issues from the platform to a broader audience **How does it work?** There are several video tutorials that explain various functions of the platform. More will be added at irregular intervals. These short videos (each about 1 to 3 minutes long) offer a low-threshold introduction to learn more about posting, opening spaces and other activities of the platform: [https://www.memory-collective.org/s/welcome-space-and-important-information/custom_pages/view?id=33](https://www.memory-collective.org/s/welcome-space-and-important-information/custom_pages/view?id=33). **Why is everything in English?** This platform is directed at an international audience and thus our working language is English. Please make sure to use English whenever posting in public groups or addressing people from several different locations. In private (group) messages you can of course choose the language you all feel most comfortable with. Sidenote: Most of us on this platform are probably no native English speakers. So don’t worry about typos, grammatical errors or vocabulary - nobody is perfect and the most important thing is [to be nice to each other](https://www.memory-collective.org/content/perma?id=25) :orange_heart: **Tip**: On smartphones and tablets, you can also have this intranet page placed on the home screen via the browser menu. This has the advantage that you can use the intranet like an app and are already logged in when you call it up. **Privacy notice:** This platform is run on a local web server by [Mittwald](https://www.mittwald.de/). Cookies for advertisement and tracking are not in use. **For further information please read our [privacy policy](https://www.memory-collective.org/p/17) and [terms and conditions](https://www.memory-collective.org/legal/page/view?pageKey=terms).**